COVID-19 Policies

We are pleased to be able to provide both in person and telehealth (by phone or video) appointments.

Virtual Appointments

To prepare for your telehealth appointment please visit our Your Virtual Appointment page.

In-person Appointments

All guardians and patients (INCLUDING FULLY VACCINATED) are expected to wear a mask as mandated by the current provincial public health order. If this is not feasible for you or your child, please contact our office to discuss. 

Please reschedule if: 

  • You or your child are unwell (e.g. cough, fever, sore throat, diarrhea).

  • You or your child have had close contact with anyone with a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

  • You have traveled outside of Canada within that past 14 days or have had close contact with someone who has traveled outside of Canada within the past 14 days.


We are happy to reschedule or switch to a virtual appointment if appropriate! 

Unsure if you should attend in person or reschedule? Please use the B.C. COVID-19 self assessment tool or contact us at the office.

Additional COVID-19 Policies

  • One accompanying adult only (no siblings, grandparents, etc.)

  • You may choose to wait in the waiting room or the car. If staying in your car, please call our office to let us know the make and model of your car. Your pediatrician will come get you when it's your turn.

  • For toddlers and younger children, please keep your child contained in a stroller or on your lap during your visit. Please advise older children the importance of avoiding unnecessary touching of surfaces.

  • No food or drinks may be brought into the clinic.

  • Please stay 2 metres (6 feet) apart from our reception staff.

Questions about COVID-19?


You can check out, call 1-888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319), or text 604-630-0300.

You can also find an abundance of trusted COVID-19 resources provided by the Canadian Pediatric Society.

Learn more about what to expect during your visit.

Image by Dave Chambers