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Allergy Consultations


Important information: Stop all antihistamines use for five days prior to your appointment for allergy testing, as antihistamines can interfere with the test results. It is fine to continue all asthma medications and nose sprays.


If you have symptoms that may be allergy related, finding the cause can put you on the path to relief.


Patients referred to us for allergy testing may be seen at Red Canoe Pediatrics or at the pediatric ambulatory health clinic at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Anyone with a history of serious reaction to a food or who requires an oral allergy test will be booked at NRGH for close medical monitoring.

Please come prepared for allergy testing but understand that testing is not advisable for all allergy concerns. 

Skin testing is a reliable form of testing for the most common allergens. Tests are done by applying a small drop of the test solutions on to the skin (usually the forearm) and then piercing the skin superficially with a special lancet. It causes minimal pain but can be frightening for some children. 

Usually only a few test solutions are required. It takes about five minutes after the tests are applied to read them. Positive tests (red bumps) usually go away quickly and no treatment is needed.

We have COVID-19 policies in place for your safety and the safety of our staff and communities. Please read our policies prior to your in-person appointment.